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Welcome To "ACE" Computer Consultants

Wouldn’t You Like to Scale Your IT with Your Revenue Stream?

For as long as there’s been “IT” as we know it, there’s been one prevailing Information Technology business model: Buy hardware (and assume all the risk). Overpay your IT department to “fix” what “breaks” one support ticket at a time. Fight and claw to make it a few years before it’s all too antiquated to remain competitive. Start the process over again.

That business model is broken.

Why can’t your IT costs expand and contract to match revenues? Why can’t your IT solution create a competitive advantage while managing business risk? Why can’t your IT team be a lean, agile, anticipatory service, rather than a bloated, reactionary in-house department?

Don’t Replace it; “ACE IT!”

We’ll run your entire IT operation “virtually,” eliminating the need for an in-house IT department and dramatically cutting your overall IT budget (ROI of 100 percent within 3-5 years). You’ll never again have to buy and house new equipment that you’re then “stuck with.” You’ll never again have to chase after wayward IT personnel or try to reconcile an internal IT “blame game.” Instead, you’ll actually be free to focus on business operations. And you’ll enjoy the advantages of a proactive, expert team monitoring conditions 24-7, robust resources across the entire computing spectrum and all-inclusive, scalable, cost-predictable services.

It’s time to streamline processes and be more efficient … not get slower-to-market.
It’s time to eliminate waste and dissipate risk  … not get bogged down in major purchases.
It’s time to get ahead of the curve (and the competition) … as service-based IT becomes the new industry standard.

Let us show you how smart, seamless and economical this approach can be. Call (toll free) 1-800-895-4223 or e-mail “ACE” Computer Consultants today.


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